Ajyad Medical Center is an institution that is fundamentally about excellence and assigns itself two complementary roles: Quality and Service. Quality aims at placing itself among the top dental centers worldwide. Service aspires to provide the best possible management for patients and community. And we can reach all these high qualities only by being equipped with the latest equipment and technology

About US


Is to provide high quality dental care for our patients so that each of them may enjoy optimal dental health throughout their lifetime


Is to direct our energies toward wellness, not treating sickness. To deliver the highest possible level of care with empathy and understanding. To continually pursue excellence through continuing education, personal and team growth and mastery of leading edge technology. To treat our patients as individuals


Experience has proved that a pleasant dental visit can be a reality for even the non-believers…. Affords us the opportunity to introduce you to our office with the intent of establishing a long-term relationship

 Please accept this visit as an invitation to inquire about our policies, our staff, our procedures and our fees. After a comprehensive review of your health history and an oral examination we will discuss your dental healthcare

 alternative treatment plans and establish priority for immediate needs, followed by elective treatment. You are a special individual. Your personality, your lifestyle, your dreams, your goals, and the way you take care of your self – all of these things and more – are unique. Important

 A source of pride and accomplishment, the good feelings you have about yourself


We maintain a follow-up system for our patients to have regular examinations, fluoride application and cleanings on a schedule tailored to their needs. We strongly believe in preventative care in order to keep future dental needs to a minimum


We want you to be involved in making your dental decisions. We believe in taking the time to talk to you and explain your options. We do our best to develop a working partnership with you so that together, we can determine the best treatment scenario. Also, because we are bilingual we can effectively treat patients who sometimes have trouble communicating their needs. Our caring, friendly, doctors and assistants are dedicated to providing you with the best dentistry available. We take time to listen to your questions and give you the opportunity to voice your needs and concerns. Working together, we can help you choose the dental treatment options that best meet your needs. Our “Coward Control” program is designed for your total comfort and to ensure that your visit to the dentist is a pleasant experience


Our concept of professional dental care goes beyond the latest in equipment and technology. We are dedicated to caring for people, not just their teeth. We treat our patients as we ourselves wish to be treated. We think you will notice and be pleased at the difference