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The facts on pregnancy and childbirth


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This section covers the topics you’ll want to understand as you go through your pregnancy.
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Gaining a good understanding of how delivery happens and what to expect will help you prepare for the event. Read More>>


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Consultant OB/GYN -Ajyad Medical

MD, Jordan University of science and Technology

Jordanian Board in OB/GYN 2001

Arab Board in OB/GYN -Syria 2004

Welcare Hospital -Dubai 2001

Dubai hospital-dubai health authority 2002-2010

About Obstetrics and Gynecology Department

The Obstetrics &Gynecology Department provides high standard services to women of all ages.The department is committed to the highest standards of medical and patient care with focus on service excellence. The services offered includes obstetric care, antenatal care, cancer detection tests,  and infertility treatment in addition to check up programs for all women age groups.


  1. Antenatal checkup and follow up of high-risk pregnancy
  2. Management of ectopic pregnancy
  3. Ultrasound services and early detection of fetal abnormalities
  4. HPV vaccination
  5. PCOS diagnosis and management
  6. Management of menstrual irregularities
  7. diagnosis and management of infertility
  8. Management of endometriosis
  9. Contraceptive consultation and insertion of IUCD
  10. Management of Menopause

What is antenatal care?

This is the care you receive while you’re pregnant to make sure you and your baby are as well as possible.
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Special considerations

Labour and delivery comes in many forms; every woman’s experience is different. Sometimes there are special circumstances that require consideration. Perhaps your baby is breech, you have a multiple pregnancy, or you are interested in having a water birth. Maybe you go into labour earlier than expected. This section covers a variety of special circumstances that relate to labour and delivery.
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